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Guangzhou Prestige Technology Co., Ltd. was established in January 2012


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We specialize in the development and promotion of intelligent e-government self-service devices and smart city smart solutions. Adhering to the service concept of “Smart City, Convenient Life”, we focus on personal identity authentication technology and integrate mature concepts such as “e-government”, “self-service” and “smart terminal” with rich operational experience. Product and platform research and development innovation, launched a series of products and solutions with independent intellectual property rights in the fields of convenience self-service, self-service transaction, intelligent identification, etc., and successfully put on the market.


Ambitions. Vigor


Creative Design

How to invent the same product and make subversive innovations in the inherent way?

How to establish a way to make government services available at any time?

How do you create a system that combines parts more effectively?

How to create an ecosystem that makes data and services more valuable?

We not only provide advanced e-government self-service equipment, but also provide exciting prospects for smart government.

We firmly believe that keen insight and unyielding innovation can give e-government a new soul and create a political and intelligent city.

From Prestige Technology Insight. Creativity.

We are not arguing that we want to subvert the traditional e-government industry.

We also do not shy away from us being the strongest provider of smart government terminal equipment in the country.

We are even more convinced that our comprehensive solution to smart government is really beneficial to the government and the citizens.

This is our ambition.

We are a group of people who are passionate about technology.

We are a group of people who dare to dare to do, not afraid of failure.

One-stop smart government service solution

Comprehensive promotion and application will open up the “last mile” of government service



In order to thoroughly implement the decision-making arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on promoting "Internet + Government Affairs Services", assist the public security departments to speed up the work of "one network management" of government affairs services, effectively improve the quality and effectiveness of government service, and facilitate the work of the masses. Prestige Technology launched One-stop smart government solution, the program realizes online and offline integration and interoperability, supports cross-departmental, inter-regional and cross-level collaborative management, covering high-frequency government affairs of public security, human society, judicial, market supervision, taxation and disabled associations. Service matters, comprehensive promotion and application will open up the "last mile" of government service and realize "close to the office."

Future prospects Brainstorm the future

Promote the transformation of e-government service concepts and implementation methods



We continuously integrate technology implementation, government regulation and business thinking, use subversive innovation methods to promote the transformation of e-government service concepts and implementation methods, and work with local governments to create new systems and truly put them into practice. Based on smart terminals, we work closely with banks, insurance, postal services and various government departments to build a big data platform for citizen services and share information and services on them so that the public can truly get it anytime, anywhere, on demand and at will. All kinds of services, to the digital city, smart city to join a landing, practical application branch.

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