We are not arguing that we want to subvert the traditional e-government industry.


Guangzhou Prestige Technology Co., Ltd.

Established in2012.01

We specialize in the development and promotion of intelligent e-government self-service devices and smart city smart solutions. Adhering to the service concept of “Smart City, Convenient Life”, we focus on personal identity authentication technology and integrate mature concepts such as “e-government”, “self-service” and “smart terminal” with rich operational experience. Product and platform research and development innovation, launched a series of products and solutions with independent intellectual property rights in the fields of convenience self-service, self-service transaction, intelligent identification, etc., and successfully put on the market.

Company culture

Friendly - creating a relaxed and active atmosphere

Opening the door policy - open and honest communication and communication

Teamwork spirit -- willing to undertake responsible, help each other

Integrity—just do things right and justly make the right decisions

Development path

Prestige Technology has been striving for self-improvement and has achieved growth and development in various fields through unremitting struggle.


The project will be completed, and it will undertake the “Special Project of Guangzhou Strategic Emerging Industry Demonstration Project” (Guangzhou Development and Reform Commission), and the identification of “Human Image Recognition” technology as “domestic advanced” technology.


The ID card self-service acceptance service platform and terminal are officially used in the service centers of Zhanjiang City.


Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department's first "Peace Guangdong" Cup Guangdong Police Innovation Competition Gold Award, the Provincial Public Security Department listed as a key promotion project

Zhanjiang 24-hour ID card self-service permit hall started, becoming the first "Internet + second generation resident ID card self-service bidding system"


Selected in the National Development and Reform Commission "National 'Internet + Action 100 Best Practices'" business coverage, and entered Hunan, Hubei, Guizhou, Yunnan, Nanchang and other provinces and cities.


Pilot police car driving management business in Dongguan 24-hour self-service certification platform, cooperating with China Post EMS company to provide certification services, deepen the platform service content.


The “one network office” comprehensive business management platform covering the public security intranet and the Internet is launched. The platform and terminal equipment can accept business including public security household registration, entry and exit, and traffic management.


The “portable comprehensive certification terminal” developed in Meizhou pilot project won the first prize of “National Public Security Grassroots Technology Innovation Award”.


Through the "all in one network" integrated service platform and terminal for data exchange between the public security network platform and the Internet platform, it can handle all kinds of government affairs such as public security, human resources and social security, medical treatment, and put into use in Yuexiu, Baiyun, Haizhu, Zengcheng, Tianhe and Huangpu districts of Guangzhou


The trophies and pieces of medals are the monuments that Prestige technology company has built in the hearts of consumers.

  • Chinese famous brand

  • Quality. Service. Integrity three A certificate

  • Information System Integration and Service Level 4 Qualification

  • Contract-honoring and credit-worthy enterprise

  • "Double Soft" Enterprise

  • 2017 China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and Yangcheng “Kechuang Cup” Contest Certificate

  • Guangzhou Artificial Intelligence Enterprise

  • Computer Information System Security Service Level 3 Certificate

  • Guangzhou Science and Technology Achievement Certificate

  • Corporate credit rating certificate

  • High-tech enterprises

  • Guangdong Province integrity model enterprise

  • Guangzhou Science and Technology “Innovation Little Giant Enterprise”

  • Guangzhou Enterprise Research and Development Agency