Exit& Entry business service solution


The immigration business solution is based on Internet technology, focusing on serving the new needs of the masses for entry and exit, emancipating the mind, pioneering and innovating, and supporting the masses with high-quality, efficient and convenient entry and exit certification services. The mode of handling the entry and exit business of the interests of the masses and the benefit of the masses.

Brief introduction of the plan



1.    Hong Kong & Macau & Taiwan electrical pass expiration renewal apply

2.    Exit & Entry business service self-payment

3.    The remaining number of queries endorsement

4.    Exit & Entry business service pre-appointment

5.    Self-photographing



Online Self-Service pre-acceptance

In order to improve the efficiency of online self-service acceptance and save the time for applicants to apply for permits, Prestige Technology has launched an “exit and entry business” small program. The masses can submit relevant information in advance through small procedures, and then complete the acceptance after completing the identity verification operation in the offline self-service terminal. , Greatly improve the efficiency of on-site processing.



1.    业务提醒:service warning

2.    业务选择:service choice

3.    完善资料:material uploading

4.    完成预约:pre-appointment/ reservation complete



Business characteristics




1.    3-minute renewal

2.    24-hours service

3.    full- time available due holidays


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