Household business service solution


In order to effectively improve the quality and level of public security management services, Prestige Technology independently developed face recognition bio-authentication technology, and combined with advanced technologies such as fingerprint collection, electronic signature, video surveillance, and document scanning, developed a second resident ID card. The card machine and the second-generation resident ID card will be used to obtain the ID card, and the masses can complete the ID card expiration certificate, ID card damage replacement certificate, ID card loss and other household affairs business through ID card verification machine, and complete the self-service through the ID card. ID card collection work. At the same time, in order to better meet the needs of the people to apply for certification, Prestige Technology uses self-service imaging technology to develop self-service camera, which can meet the needs of various types of documents; break through the original traditional photo shooting mode and ID card window, window license Mode, 24 hours can be self-service, from taking pictures, handling to obtaining a certificate, one step in place.

Brief introduction of the plan



 “One stop” terminal solution

Photographing, permitting, and obtaining certificates "One-stop" solution, the people can save time and save trouble.


24 hours all day waited

The all business is self-service, there is no time limited, and 24 hours can be done.


Public security networking, seamless docking connecting

Photo shooting is connected to the public security intranet to achieve seamless docking, in line with the requirements of the public security certification. Photo shooting is connected to the public security intranet to achieve seamless docking, in line with the requirements of the public security certification.


Intelligent identification, safe and reliable

Face recognition and fingerprint recognition technology, technology identification, and reducing human error, more secure and reliable.



Small program pre-acceptance

In order to improve the efficiency of on-site acceptance and save the time for applicants to apply for certificates, Prestige Technology has launched a small business process for household management. The masses can submit the information in advance through small procedures, and then complete the acceptance after the offline authentication, fingerprint entry and other operations. Improve handling efficiency. At the same time, the masses can conduct self-service outlets and business acceptance guides through small programs to provide convenient and efficient services to the masses.




1.      户政业务自助终端:Household service self- service terminal

2.      ID card service acceptance & self- photographing terminal

The equipment combines the household administration business and self-photographing two modules. The household business supports the expiration of the ID card business, the damage replacement, and the loss of the renewal of the three functions; self-service photos can immediately take out photos and receipts, self-service ID photos and other specifications of the photo

3.第二代身份证自助申办终端:Second generation ID card self- service application terminal.

It mainly deals with the application of the second-generation resident ID card by the public security household department to replace the lost ID card or ID card expiration replacement service. In the future, it will also increase the self-service acceptance functions related to other service of the household administration department, including residence permit acceptance, temporary ID card acceptance, and second-generation ID card and first time second generation ID card application.

4.第二代居民身份证自助领证机: Second-generation resident ID card self-collecting terminal.

The resident ID card self-collecting terminal is the storage and collection device for the second-generation resident ID card. By collecting the fingerprint, face recognition information of the applicant, applicant can complete collect the second-generation resident ID card.

5.临时身份证制证机 Temporary ID card issuing terminal

The temporary ID card issuing terminal is one of the "Smart and Easy" convenience self-service product series. The policemen can easily complete the temporary ID card certification business through the equipment.




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