One-stop smart government service solution


In order to thoroughly implement the decision-making arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on promoting "Internet + Government Affairs Services", assist the public security departments to speed up the work of "one network management" of government affairs services, effectively improve the quality and effectiveness of government service, and facilitate the work of the masses. Prestige Technology launched One-stop smart government solution, the program realizes online and offline integration and interoperability, supports cross-departmental, inter-regional and cross-level collaborative management, covering high-frequency government affairs of public security, human society, judicial, market supervision, taxation and disabled associations. Service matters, comprehensive promotion and application will open up the "last mile" of government service and realize "close to the office."

Brief introduction of the plan




Online and offline integration to create "Internet +" government services

With the offline terminal as the carrier, we will open up online channels to provide online reservations, online pre-acceptance, online application and other related services, as well as provide detailed guidance and certification services for the masses, and create convenient and convenient for the people. Internet + "government mode.



Police and postal bilateral cooperation - multi-channel, convenient people

The police-postal bilateral cooperation is based on the self-governing service platform under the leadership and supervision of the public security department, based on the self-service service platform as the carrier, and the self-service police station jointly established by the network office and the postal service jointly established with the postal service. In the postal cooperation mode, the masses can complete various types of business through offline terminals and online small programs. Some of the services can also achieve postal staff's door-to-door service, agency, etc. Finally, all kinds of documents, certificate and licenses are delivered to the home by post. The police postal bilateral cooperation mode provides a variety of channels for the masses to do things. It saves time and reduces the pressure on the original police service window. It is a convenient and helpful measure for responding to the national “distribution service” reform policy.



Let the data run more and let the masses run less.

In order to meet the needs of the people to do the certification, Prestige Technology independently developed self-service camera, and combined with various types of certification equipment, research and development of ID card business acceptance machine, car driving business acceptance machine, smart government E station and other self-service equipment, the masses It can complete business acceptance, photo shoot and other services in one stop. At the same time, in order to save the people's time for certification and improve efficiency, Prestige Technology launches various small programs to provide online pre-acceptance, online reservation and online acceptance. And other service functions, one-stop solution to the needs of the masses to verify the license, truly achieve more data to run, let the masses run less errands.image.png




一机通办:One terminal for all service

1.     Create a “one stop service platform, link the government service information system between regions, break barriers between department, and form a government service of” up and down, interconnection, information sharing, and cooperation”. The masses only need to run once in order to complete the whole process. The equipment can handle all kinds of service and facilitate the masses.

2.     The service hall deploys self-service terminals. And the masses can only complete business under the guidance of the self-service terminal. No appointment, no line up, quick and ease to operate. For the convenience of the people, the public security department also added multi online service station, such as 24-hour police service station, community police office, etc.; that allow the masses handle their application at the nearby station.

3.     As everyone becomes more and more dependent on the mobile Internet, the government service has gradually realized the transition from offline to online. With the mobile terminal as the carrier and relying on the advantages of the internet, it breaks the time and space constraints and finally realizes the “fingertips application” and “anytime application


1.自助拍照设备: self- photographing equipment/ terminal

2.small program & off-line self-service terminal

3.public security department. Netcom center

4.postal delivery & self-service equipment collect


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